"Divorce is an ending...and a beginning"

What will you do next?

Before divorce

Get really clear about whether you need to divorce, the kind of divorce you want to have and how to care for yourself and your family while managing your ex.

Take a look at the before divorce articles.

It is really important that you have a crystal clear view of the kind of divorce you want to have. And you need to build up your resources to handle the emotional ups and downs.

Find out how yo can get support at the start of this process – so you can stay on track for the best outcome for you and your family.

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During divorce

Here you need a clear plan, resilience and flexibility.

It helps if you know how to talk to your lawyer, your ex and your children!

Have a look at the articles for during divorce – support, information and strategies for managing divorce.

Read on to find out how specific, personalised divorce coaching help you in your divorce.

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After divorce

This time in your life is a great opportunity to try something new, do something different or completely reshape your life.

You might be exhausted post-divorce and need a big rest. Or plan your round-the-world trip (divorce is a great trigger for a grown-up gap year). This is also an opportunity to revitalise your career and maybe try something new.

Take inspiration from the  after divorce articles here.

And learn more about how to restructure your life…

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