I have coached many professionals through life-changing experiences and major transitions. I have experienced my own personal divorce journey. I am now bringing my skills specifically to support you in private one-to-one coaching as your Divorce Mentor, Divorce Guide and Divorce Strategist

If you are divorcing and are lost, confused, angry, bewildered, despairing or just plain emotional I know where you are – I have been there and walked that path!

Perhaps you are saying

‘How will I survive on my own?’

‘How do I get past overwhelm?’

‘Which decision do I make first?’ or 

‘I don’t understand what’s going on!’

As an experienced coach I can help you on your journey into, through and beyond divorce. When you want to have a really strategic approach to your divorce and at the same time you want emotional support and understanding, The Divorce Mentor can help you.


  • you are ready to make the strategic decisions you need for your divorce
  • you want full emotional support throughout your divorce
  • you want to start rebuilding your life NOW

get in touch with me and we’ll talk!

Yes, I am divorced. It was a long, painful and difficult process. And I did use my own coaching to help me through the pain, challenges and problems.

Lizinblue250x350I also know that if I had had another me, a me that already knew how to do it all, my life would have been far easier and the divorce process would probably have been shorter!

As a qualified coach and NLP Practitioner and with 20 years experience of coaching and therapy I aim to create a safe and protected space for you while you go through the emotional turmoil of divorce. And we set up a strategic plan to help you with the practical details that threaten to overwhelm you.

I will blend my personal and professional experience and help you create your own personal plan, help you stick to that plan and have the resources you need to survive and thrive!

Other information

Liz studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, where she was one of the first women at her college which had been welcoming men for nearly 400 years! Liz has been happy to maintain her connection with the college to establish a bursary for future students. She has corporate experience with Price Waterhouse, CAP Scientific and British Gas and for the last twenty years she has run her own business and has taught and coached therapists and entrepreneurs.

Her interest as a coach in change and transition came about in part from her own experience – a major car accident in her twenties changed her life. In her thirties she had an illness that made her paralysed. She learned to walk again and came home to her twelve-week old baby! The resilience she developed through these events has shaped the way she helps her clients through the major changes they are facing.

Liz lives in Surrey with her adult children, two cats and two dogs.

I welcome you to get in touch with me to discuss your needs/wants/dreams!