After divorce

This time in your life is a great opportunity to try something new, do something different or completely reshape your life.

You might be exhausted post-divorce and need a big rest. Or plan your round-the-world trip (divorce is a great trigger for a grown-up gap year). This is also an opportunity to revitalise your career and maybe try something new.

Take inspiration from the  after divorce articles here.

And learn more about how to restructure your life…

postdivorceWhether you want to find out how to take the next steps or want executive-level coaching to jumpstart your career or get you back on track, The Divorce Mentor can help you.

An after-divorce coaching programme can help you restructure your working life, help you find time for play, build your confidence and self-expression, create a new you. The possibilities are endless!

You can  work with me one-to-one and reshape your post-divorce life the way you want it to be – contact me to set up a time to discuss this!