Divorce services – coaching and support

Divorce coaching and support

Using The Divorce Mentor for divorce support can help you in a number of ways:

  • you will get help from someone who has walked that path before
  • you will learn how to manage yourself and your ex – so you can negotiate successfully
  • you will receive support through specific divorce coaching exercises – to change your emotional state and smooth out the bumps in the emotional roller-coaster of divorce
  • we’ll look at specific strategies for working with your lawyer – this can save you money!
  • we’ll have a laugh – seriously, we will

I usually begin my coaching programmes with a free preliminary chat, by phone or Skype, so we can decide what will work best for you.

If you are at the start of a divorce the Divorce Strategy Planning Programme is ideal for you. This will help you identify key goals for your divorce and set the tone for your divorce proceedings. The Divorce Strategy Planning Programme consists of:

  • a preliminary questionnaire – for basic information and a chance for you to make clear your most urgent and important concerns
  • a two hour coaching session (by phone or Skype) in which we look at
    • where you are now
    • what your divorce goals are
    • your immediate priorities
    • priorities for finances, practical steps, legal steps and emotional management
    • specific coaching exercises (tailored for your priorities)
    • next steps for you
  • a half-hour follow up call for feedback and review (3-4 weeks after the first call)

The cost of the Divorce Strategy Planning Programme, including the preliminary questionnaire, two -hour coaching session, half -hour follow up session, is £140.00.

You can contact Liz to discuss this further, or you can book your Divorce Strategy Planning Programme staightaway – use the button below. On payment you will be contacted within 24 hours with the programme questionnaire and we will set up your coaching call!


A divorce strategy is essential. Support through divorce is priceless.