During divorce

Here you need a clear plan, resilience and flexibility.

It helps if you know how to talk to your lawyer, your ex and your children!

Have a look at the articles for during divorce – support, information and strategies for managing divorce.

Read on to find out how specific, personalised divorce coaching help you in your divorce.

During divorce can be the worst time…

  • You feel it will never end
  • Your once-favourite person is now talking to you through a lawyer
  • Your children are confused
  • You feel sad or exhausted
  • It’s difficult to have a coherent conversation with your divorce lawyer or listen to what they say.

Rather than negotiating fairly you feel you have entered a battle ground. You don’t know how to hold it together emotionally.
So you need to:

  • Assess your priorities
  • Create a clear plan
  • Deal with the overwhelming emotions
  • Talk to your ex (without feeling guilty/angry/grief-stricken or just plain crazy)
  • Keep on track with your divorce strategy no matter what

You can do this is you have ongoing support – if you are interested in coaching with me through your divorce contact me to set up an introductory chat.  We can talk about where you are now, where divorce coaching might help you and how to get to your next step.